Bill Gates is a Seqster

Q: How do you know when you've got something extraordinary?

A: ⚡️When Bill Gates wants to see it ⚡️

Recently Bill invited me and our first collaborator Dr. Rhoda Au, Director of Neuropsychology/Framingham Heart Study for an intimate meeting.

Time stopped when Bill walked into the room.

Dr. Au emphasized that "the Seqster platform rapidly creates a Framingham Study from any de novo cohort." We then focused on how Seqster can drive the Alzheimer's initiative proposed by Dr. Au and recently funded. Bill and I talked about how our families have been affected by Alzheimer's Disease.

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Bill immediately grasped the power of person-centric interoperability and bringing data together in a common form. His feedback. Priceless.

As we wrapped up, I reached into my bag grabbing my copy of his bestseller "Business at The Speed of Thought”

Without hesitation, he took the book out my hand and signed it exactly like our logo with a line over the "ē". He nailed it because he is truly a Seqster.

Everyone is seeking health data, even Bill Gates. #healthcare #Innovation